About Us

      This is Kerrie


  • She enjoys long walks in the woods
  • She loves to cuddle with puppies
  • Once she dared her friends to do something
  • She enjoys rocking out on her ukulele
  • Her favorite food is pickled-peas
  • She likes to take pretty pictures of things

This is Stefan       


  • He doesn’t like to shave
  • He also loves puppies, but prefers kittens
  • He sings and writes songs
  • He’s in a band (National Park Radio)
  • His passion is sitting in bean bags
  • He helps with the technicalities, and takes some photos when he’s in the mood

Don’t worry!!! We’re not crazy!


We’re just weird.

We are located in Harrison, Arkansas…

But we travel all the time. So we might be near you soon!